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Resident Fees 2016
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To buy a resident fishing license a person must actually live within and be a bona fide resident of South Dakota for at least 90 days with the intent to make it home, have a South Dakota Driver's license, have their motor vehicles register in South Dakota and not claim residency in any other state.

To buy a license, a resident needs a valid South Dakota driver's license or a state-issued and expiration-dated South Dakota ID card. Either can be obtained at a state driver’s license office.

Any person who has lawfully acquired a resident fishing license and leaves the state after acquiring the license to take up residency elsewhere may continue to exercise all the privileges granted by the license until the license expires if the person’s respective privileges are not revoked or suspended.

Annual Fishing License
Allows residents age 19 - 64 to fish throughout the license period. Residents age 16-18 are required to purchase the Junior Combination License.
Senior Fishing License
Residents 65 and older must buy a Senior Fishing License.
One-Day Fishing License
One day fishing license begins at 12:01 a.m. and expires at midnight for the specified date on the license.
Combination Fishing License
Residents age 19-64 may purchase this license which combines fishing and small game hunting privileges.
Disability License
The equivalent of a Resident Fishing License at a cost of $10 and valid for four years for disabled veterans and those confined to a wheel chair. Veterans must be receiving payments for a service-connected injury, or have received the Veteran's Administration "K" award, or be receiving 100% Social Security benefits or be a former Prisoner of War.
Residents age 16-18 are required to purchase the Junior Combination License.
Residents under the age of 16 do not need a license to fish and are entitled to take their own limits.

Annual Fishing License
Allows a nonresident to fish throughout the license period.
Annual Family Fishing License
Allows a nonresident and immediate family (children under age 16 and spouse) to fish throughout the license period. The combined catch for all family members may not exceed one daily limit and one possession limit for each species.
Temporary Fishing License
One day and Three day fishing licenses are available which begin at 12:01 a.m. and expire at 12 Midnight for the date stated on the license.
Nonresident Juveniles
Nonresidents under age 16 do not need a fishing license if one of their parents or a guardian has a fishing license and the youth's fish are included in the daily possession limits of the parent or guardian. Youths under 16 may buy a license and take their own limits.



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